Teamboard Interactive Whiteboard Touch Panel Display

Teamboard Interactive Whiteboard Touchscreen Displays

Teamboard interactive displays, LCD touchscreen whiteboards for business or education, provide the latest interactive smart board flat panel technology for your boardroom, meeting space and in the classroom for teachers and students.

Simplify your presentations and lessons with integrated digital content, including pictures and video or take notes and annotations with simple finger touch, interactive pens and touchscreen gestures.

The onboard Android OS powers all TeamBoard panels out of the box. A simple three icon home screen allows you to access the pre-installed interactive apps easily and start drawing on the screen within minutes.

TeamBoard includes connectivity via HDMI and USB with easily accessible ports right there on the front panel of the display.

The optional OPS board, with either Android 7.1 or Windows 10 OS, gives full access to all of the available tools normally available within these operating systems.

Your Teamboard can be wall mounted or mobile for greater versatility.

smart interactive whiteboard

Include AirServer for TeamBoard option and mirror up to 8 simultaneous connections. Supports AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast at 4K UHD 60 frames per second.

For the ultimate meeting room solution, add TeamBoard Webcam with Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second and two built-in microphones to integrate video conferencing and collaboration in platforms like Zoom Meetings or Microsoft Teams.

With screen sizes available in 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″ and 98″ with affordable prices starting at just $3,499 inc GST, there is a model to suit every application and budget.

We are your local Teamboard reseller in Newcastle with a 75″ Panel in house display for demonstration.

Specification Sheets

Teamboard Smart Interactive Whiteboard Features

Teamboard Smart Interactive Whiteboard Features

20 Touchpoint Capability

With the latest Slim IR technology, TeamBoard Interactive Displays allow up to 20 individual points of touch at one time.

TeamBoard allows for the ultimate collaborative experience where everyone has the ability to put their touch on the screen. This feature is particularly powerful in the tilt to table orientation.

Android 8.0 System

Teamboard comes preloaded with Android 8.0 OS, designed with simplicity in mind. Completely plug and play with no additional drivers required for interaction. Just turn the TeamBoard on, and you can easily take notes, annotate, draw, rotate, and scale all your digital content with simple touchscreen gestures. With 32GB of storage, you can save all your work to recall later or share by email.

Front-facing Speaker

There is no need for additional speakers or amplifiers with TeamBoard’s front-facing integrated 15W speakers. They are built into the bezel of the front lower panel for a slim all-in-one ergonomic appearance.

4K Resolution

Bring your presentations to life with the latest 4K 60Hz resolution. (3840 x 2160).

Wall & Trolley Mountable

All TeamBoard panels include a standard wall mount to complete the solution out of the box. There is also a range of mobile solutions including a tilt table trolley to turn any TeamBoard into a touch table.

All TeamBoard panels are VESA compliant which makes them completely compatible with the Vogel’s range of professional solutions.

Interactive Apps

Along with TeamBoard Draw™, TeamBoard has a range of interactive applications built into it including Firefox and Team CAST so you can wirelessly display any content on your computer/mobile device onto the screen.

TeamBoard Draw

TeamBoard Draw™ is an intuitive application built into the screen that’s easily accessible from the home screen. You can use it as a whiteboard, add images, add backgrounds and more. With a variety of pre-installed backgrounds including a blackboard, you can share the content by email or by the built-in QR code generator.

Android or Windows 10 OPS

The TeamBoard Android or Windows module plugs directly into your screen for seamless access to Android and Windows 10 applications. Fully explore the power of the Android or Windows platform from the push of a button. Whether it’s video conferencing, workflow applications, whiteboarding, or any of the Andriod or Windows applications, your TeamBoard is equipped to deliver the best possible experience.

Wireless Collaboration

AirServer for TeamBoard

The AirServer Connect small form factor device mounts neatly on the rear of the TeamBoard display. AirServer can mirror AirPlay + Google Cast + Miracast. Receive and display up to 8 simultaneous connections in full 1080p at 60fps. It comes with its own wireless guest network, which makes it super easy to plug in and get started whilst maintaining segregation from your local network. Don’t be deceived by the small form factor, this device performs efficiently maintaining out-of-the-box compatibility with any iOS device, Mac, Chromebook, Windows 10 PC, or any Android device.


  • All in one mirroring supporting 4K UHD resolution and 60 frames per second.
  • Native casting to receive screen mirroring over AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast without the need for any additional apps.
  • Supports all major devices using iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows at the same time with up to 8 simultaneous connections in 1080p full HD quality.
  • Locked and secured purpose built hardware and operating system.
  • Secure communications, no information is sent outside the local network.
  • AirServer uses its own embedded Linux based operating system for 100% reliability.
AirServer for Teamboard

Video Conferencing

TeamBoard Webcam

TeamBoard Webcam is the perfect cost effective add-on for your TeamBoard. It has a fast and smooth widescreen user experience with full HD 1080p at 30fps. With two inbuilt microphones and audio support for up to 5 meters, it’s perfect for video conferencing in meeting rooms and small conference rooms.

Teamboard Webcam is plug and play for ease of use and compatibility with platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


  • High quality camera, full HD 1080p fixed focus with a 96deg wide angle lens
  • H.264 video compression, 2 megapixel
  • Two in-built microphones with audio support within 5 metres
  • Super clear wide-angle, low-distortion glass
  • Plug and Play USB 2.0
  • Adjustable bracket attached to the top of the TeamBoard display
Teamboard Webcam

Trolleys and Stands

Vogels Mobility Solutions

All TeamBoard Interactive Flat Panel Displays are supplied with a wall mounting kit however you may require the flexibility of moving your TeamBoard to different locations, that’s where the versatility of Vogels mobility solutions come into play. Vogels have a range of robust yet sleek trolleys and stands to allow you to put your TeamBoard wherever you want.

PFTE 7111 Display Trolley Motorised with Cabinet

Vogel's PFTE7111 plus Teamboard

PFTE 7112 Display Trolley Motorised

Vogel's PFTE7112 plus Teamboard

PFTE 7121 Touch Table Motorised Cabinet (Tilt)

Vogel's PFTE7121 Tilted plus Teamboard

PFTE 7121 Touch Table Motorised Cabinet (Horizontal)

Vogel's PFTE7121 Horizontal plus Teamboard

FME5064 Motorised Floor Stand

FME 5064 Motorised Floor Stand

TE5064B Motorised Trolley 50cm

TE5064B Motorised Trolley 50cm